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Several of the folks over at Toonzone posted up an article today talking about their favorite episodes. To quote the opener:

Perhaps the greatest success of the still-young TV network The Hub is its hit children’s show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. If nothing else there is little question it has been one of its standout hits. Wholesome as it is fun, since its inception the program has been winning over not only young girls but also the approval of parents and older folks pleasantly taken aback by the charm and winning sense of humor not found or recalled its ancestors or in so many similar toy-centric shows for kids that defined so much of animation in the 80s. Now with the third season set to premiere Saturday morning, Toonzone’s “Best. Episode. Ever!” feature returns as members of Toonzone’s staff and blog team come together to discuss the virtues of their favorite episodes!  No lists or ranks, just animation fans casually celebrating animation. Kick back and enjoy, pony fans!

Episodes discussed are The Best Night Ever (Hellcat’s choice), A Canterlot Wedding (The Huntsman’s choice), Sisterhooves Social (Neo Yi’s choice), Sonic Rainboom (Shawn Hopkin’s choice), & Sweet and Elite (Todd “GWOtaku” DuBois’ choice).

Read the full article over at Toonzone.

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