Top Draw Animation & The 13 Episode Conundrum

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Well it seems Top Draw, the other studio behind the MLP:FiM series has updated their In Production section of their website, showing that MLP:FiM is slated for 13 x 22 min episodes, with a production start of 2/20/12 and a completion date of 8/10/12. With that of course raises the 13 episode deal that has gone on since about December.

[Editor’s Opinions]

I had planned on writing an editorial about the 13 episode thing, but just haven’t had the time (that and I feel preaching about that stuff just makes me look like a pompus a-hole, I’d rather be the cynical a-hole). So lets see if I can’t do a short version of what I wanted to say, since the subject has been brought up.

We know through various sources that 13 episodes have been contracted by Hasbro for Season 3. Many worry that this is all they will contract, or even they’ll just make Season 3 short and go right into Season 4 (which isn’t much of a worry). Personally I think its more the fact that Hasbro, the behemoth of a company that it is, works really slow. I have no proof outside my own pondering, but my theory on the subject is basically that these 13 episodes were probably contracted out back in the Fall of 2011, either before Season 2 had even started, or shortly after.

Hasbro would have many uncertainties floating around. First you have a bunch of DHX staff that has left the show, including its “creator” Lauren Faust. If Season 2 was just starting out, they would be cautious as they wouldn’t know how the general consumer would react to Season 2, everyone, ponyfan and parent alike could have been “Season 2 is complete crap” and walked away from it all. So some guys in suits probably said, “Well, we’ll contract 13 episodes, that will get the series to syndication numbers at least”, which is fine in the world of business.

NOW, take in some recent facts. Top Draw is currently in production of 13 episodes. In the last couple of weeks we’ve had evidence of at least one person joining the writing crew. Even today there has been a couple of things that popped up in the last few hours, namely Ingram who tweeted: “I guess we can update my Wikipedia now, with Season 3 songs for MLP: FiM :)“. So personally I wouldn’t let those 13 episodes hang over your head, we’ll either get a full season, or they will announce Season 4.

And that’s my two muffins.

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