Derpy Hooves (Fashion Style Comic Con Exclusive via China)
by *tygerbug

Yesterday EqD made a post about the Series 3 Blind Bags being available on ToyWiz, we mentioned them back at the end of May as we knew they were getting the figures and had pre-orders available. It seems though that no one took a closer look at the site, OR they just ordered a ton of other merchandise. We cannot hot link to their search engine, but just go to the website and type in My Little Pony, and you’ll get a list of 189 products, most of it FiM generation, but I do see some older gens at the back of the list.

But back in May when we reported about the Series 3, the only two items for pre-order was a Mystery Bag which contained three ponies for $13.99 and the giant box of them for $59.99 (24 mystery packs). It seems that ToyWiz also sells the figures individually, and removes the mystery of what pony you’re going to get. So if you are looking for specific figures, this is the site to go. Along with the Series 3 figures you will also find Series 2 and Series 1 figures. There’s actually a ton on here, so I whipped up a quick list of things we’ve reported on before.

And a ton more, including those first G4 sets such as the Pony & Pet figures, and those ones that came with a DVD containing one episode from Season 1. As said there is 189 items for sale, most of it FiM. Head on over and punch in My Little Pony if you’re looking to snag something.

  • Citrus Rain

    That Derpy picture taunts me immensely.

  • plaster

    is it time for another round of victory dances? because I WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE DERPY.

    • derpymatic

      they were right too p-man! right about you being CRAZY!

  • filledwithsolutions

    coupon code SPARKLE for 5% off
    Its just too bad they only have Lyra and Trixie as part of a 4 pack