Iron Shy by AsamMasa

Iron Shy by AsamMasa

Dennis Daniel, who interviewed Cathy Weseluck in February, also interviewed Trevor Devall on his live show on July 13, and published the recording tonight. For some reason, it is not yet linked in the post [now it is], but you can download it here. (The interview truly starts around minute 8:50.)

IMDb says that he plays Hoity Toity, Fancypants, Filthy Rich, and Prince Blueblood, but on air (at 18:50) he also revealed that he is voice of Iron Will!

Talking about Fancypants, he explained 18 minutes into the interview that he was asked to make him sound like John Cleese and that he later read discussions of fans who wondered if DHX had actually hired John Cleese for the job. He also recounts examples of his war stories with IMDb, whenever he tried to have them correct his credits.

The Dennis Daniel Show continues its path down the “Road to Otakon” and gets a little assertiveness coaching with special guest, voice actor Trevor Devall. Trevor is a Canadian voice actor best known as Mu La Flaga from “Gundam Seed,” the new voice of Dukey from “Johnny Test,” Pryo from “X-Men Evolution,” and Iron Will from “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!” Join Dennis as he talks with Trevor as he talks about working for over three decades in the acting industry and his popular voice actor interview podcast, “Voiceprint with Trevor Devall & Guests.” Featuring Alivieina as Belldandy the Announcer. For more information, check out

Trevor Devall, of course, also has his own podcast, Voiceprint, where he interviewed Andrew Francis this spring.

  • ponytime

    Really? THAT was the voice of Iron Will?

    I was absolutely certain it actually was Chris Rager, the voice of Mr. Satan (a.k.a Hercule) from Dragon Ball Z.

    Because that was 100% exactly what he sounded like.

  • Present Perfect

    Oh my god, they found Iron Will’s VA! That makes me so happy!