Triple Synopsis – Dragon Quest

Spike - Footprint by *mysticalpha

We got three different synopsis for Dragon Quest now. The first which was announced a few weeks ago, one that was released yesterday, and now a third one. The two extended versions are roughly the same, but just in case you missed them on the other sites (we’re a touch behind here atm).
Also keep in mind, MLP:FiM is now airing at 1pm ET (+3 from its previous time slot, and this has been confirmed of course).
  • “Spike joins the Great Dragon Migration to discover his true identity, but it might not be what he really needs.” (Zap2it)
  • “In the new episode ‘Dragon Quest,’ Spike goes on a journey of self-discovery by joining the ‘Great Dragon Migration.’ But does a rough and tumble gang of teenage dragons really hold the key to the questions Spike has about his identity?” (Hub March 2012 Highlights (PDF))
  • “Spike joins the Great Dragon Migration on a journey of self-discovery, but when he meets a tough and tumble gang of teenage dragons, Spike wonders if they have the key to the various questions that he has about his identity.” (FYI Television via U-verse)

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