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Over the weekend, some of the figures in the Pony Wedding series of toys has cropped up on Kmart’s website. We saw a preview for some of these guys back in February during the NYC Toy Expo where Hasbro revealed many of the new figures. In general the figures that have been listed on Kmart’s website are..

They are the brushable figures, and each one comes with a DVD of Lesson Zero, which seems like an odd pick.

But it is starting to appear that this information is wrong. Online purchasing is currently disabled and stock marked as “Temporarily Unavailable”, while some others have made the trip down to several of their local Kmarts to check the shelves, and have found nothing. So far I’ve yet to hear of anyone who has put their physicals hands on the toy, which means its probably safe to assume that someone derp’d at Kmart Online. Either way it probably means that we will see these figures within the next month, so keep your ears peeled.

[Source: MLP Arena / Ponychan Thread]

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  • Hawaii Brony

    looks like they changed the colours in the final release from the preview pics on fb awhile back. i fear we might be getting another PINK Celestia when she shows up in stores T-T atleast these come with dvds, a nice lil addition for no extra cost

  • Supertide

    No robe and wizard hat. Sethistio will be disappointed.

  • Trixieisbestpony

    as a Dr. Ivo Robotnik would say about this dilema WHY!? WHY WHY WHY!?! i so want the trixie n lyra tho