Earlier this evening, Equestria Daily posted up that they were alerted about a tiny MLP:FiM reference in the newest episode of the Cleveland Show. Above is the resulting scene. I would definitely say that this is a reference, because there is a slim chance that the lettering of Cleveland’s tags would match that of the mane cast. TSRDFSPPRAJ or of course TS-RD-FS-PP-R-AJ. Yes, I didn’t spoiler this, I’m sure the one person watching the Cleveland Show will be upset. (Don’t deny it, why do you think its on before the Simpsons). But obviously there is an MLP fan working on the animation side of the show.

[ Source: Reddit ]

  • That is a very subtle easter egg. Very interesting though, I like it when there are little secrets.

  • Twaiuraito

    That’s… interesting. It’s so subtle that I would doubt it was really referencing MLP if there wasn’t any other possible thing those letters could mean.

  • Yeah i don’t get it myself.

  • Although thank you for spelling it out what was actually done but pssft it’s a spineoff of family guy and not a good one at that.

  • …And you guys find such easter eggs?

  • Well thing is once one person figures it out it just get’s passed around tell we all know about it that or someone makes a post on twitter or facebook etc etc.