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These Morning/Evening additions are probably going to become more common. As we set sail into the Spring / Summer months, things tend to get a little slow all over the place. The season is coming to an end, colleges will be letting out, and most people will be running for fun in the sun, and that does include myself. Myself and others of course run out to enjoy the 3 months of good weather we get here in New York (when its not -20’F outside). Unlike last year, I’m not running the site solo, so I hope to avoid the small death we had over last summer. Going to be a lot of stuff going on in the community, some of it cool, and some of it dripping with spaghetti.

In the near future there is going to be a editorial about the upcoming months, and Season 3. Anyways, time for the Evening Edition.

FashionPlaytes and Hasbro Team Up

This is definitely for people and their kids, or a really petite adult. Hasbro has teamed up with FashionPlaytes, the leading online clothing design experience for girls ages 5 to 12. It basically lets the kid to ‘design’ their own shirt. I didn’t check it over outside of the news reports from Yahoo Finance, but in general it looks like your kid can pick a selection of colors and styles of shirts, and pick which graphic they want on their shirt. Not sure if you can do anything fancy with it, such as upload your own graphics (I doubt it). The report can be seen here. FashionPlaytes can be found here.

New Writer for Season 3 of MLP

A new writer has appeared just recently by the name of Natashia Levinger. She had at random tweeted about writing for My Little Pony Season 3, though this tweet has now vanished (EqD posted a full article on the fact, she probably got flooded). There isn’t much detail outside of the now deleted tweet. Research has cropped up that she wrote on a Teleplay back in 2004 dubbed My Sexiest Mistake along with another writer Sherri Cooper. The movie itself looks to be based on a novel written by Kristin Hardy, and the couple of reviews on the IMBd rate it as good. She also seems to be a part of the Ro-Co Review, a podcast that reviews romantic comedies and discuss them.

Outside of that she is a mother and currently has been home for the past several years to raise her kids. She was happy to get the job as it will allow her to continue her career as a writer, while also being home for her kids.

Its also noted that she was just recently hired, and we know Season 3 is currently underway. More on that in this upcoming editorial.

Wedding Finale Billboard Spotted in LA

Looks like the same place the one from last year was. And that’s all for now.

Side Note: DHN is currently looking for bodies to help out around here, as summer comes, most of us become busy. We’re looking for people who can find and post news, or write editorials/articles, and things of entertainment value (art, music, etc). But if you’re interested, hit us up at or