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Thanks to S.P. of the MlpForums who has sent us in some information on the TV Guide season finale that in certain neighborhoods of the community has caused an out cry. We even considered it to be false, namely because we could not find evidence between the current TV Guide not containing this information and some other evidence. Well, looks like we got muffin on our face, as we just got pictures of the TV Guide, and the article. As always since this is spoiler material, its behind the page break.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (4/21, The Hub) Not everything is rainbows and gumdrops in this two-part special that finds unicorn Twilight Sparkle digging up a wedding shocker as her brother Shining Armor prepares to get hitched.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear, apprehension mode loading :( A brother who hasn’t been mentioned for two seasons? And the name makes me think of a 12 year old’s alicorn OC with bionic bits and weapons and every option on the pony creator… Hooves crossed it will be as good as the rest of season 2 though!

    • Ukomba

      Just have him be the first Kirin in the show with shining scales as armor and a retractable muffin cannon. ;)

      Naw but this doesn’t seem like a problem. At least Shining Armor doesn’t. It will be interesting to see what they make Cadence. A third Alicorn raises questions.

  • Anonymous

    This may shock some people, but I have friends and coworkers that I’ve known for years, YEARS, and I don’t talk about my siblings to them that very often, if at all.

    Next up, RBD and FS don’t have parents because they were never talked about. And did you guys see the asspull they did with AJ having an aunt and uncle? We went almost entire season without them being mentioned, and BAM, there they were.

    And please, “Shining Armor” is perfectly in-line with the show’s naming scheme. Come on, “Twilight Sparkle”, “Twilight Sparkle“.

    • Actually, Twilight Sparkle could be more of a human name then, say, Fluttershy.

      But it’s still a cheap name, yes.

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  • MrBoltitude

    Not the first time they’ve randomly dropped family memebers on us before. I still remember the “Wut?” I gave when Sweetie Belle fist called Rarity Sis.

  • filledwithsolutions

    The TV guide is real, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its accurate.

    Some pretty far off synopses have shown up in legit places in the past.

    • I know in some neighborhoods people have been freaking out about this, but basically what this person just said. It doesn’t mean its 100% right.

      Unfortunately one thing people are keyed in on, Shining Armor’s cutie mark is very similar to Twilight’s cutie mark (the purple star burst).

      • TheLoneLampman

        Also it has three white stars above it and Twilight’s mom has a cutie mark of 3 white stars.

        • TheLoneLampman

          I derped.. I meant to say 3 purple/lavender stars, not white.

      • Twilight Sparkle: Magic cutie mark

        Shining Armor: Magic cutie mark?

        …maybe Shining Armor is a magical dick…it’ll be like Rainbow Dash as a unicorn.

        Sorry, that was really mean. I really like Rainbow Dash, she’s just kind of an off-beat pony.

        I really don’t know what to expect from Shining Armor. He may be like Prince Blueblood, who is also a–sorry, wrong message…


        I REALLY don’t understand this show. But I love it anyways. :D

      • filledwithsolutions

        Actually I guess people have been upset over the royal wedding thing and third alicorn, ever since we first found out about it, so does making him Twilights brother really make things any worse?

  • Supertide

    And this is how the show dies.

    • FNB

      …because of people making Chicken Little “sky is falling” statements based on a two line synopsis?

  • Maureen

    If I were royalty, it wouldn’t be a bad move to marry a tough soldier whose sister is one of the most powerful and knowledgeable mages on the planet, and who’s also one of the Elements and can bring the other Elements along. It’s like marrying into Merlin’s family.

    The question is, what does Twilight’s brother see in the princess, hm?