Two Songs Nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards

Daniel Ingram Ponysona by Gratlofatic

Daniel Ingram Ponysona by Gratlofatic

After Daniel Ingram’s post yesterday that My Little Pony may be nominated for Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards, the nominations have now been announced.

The nominations page lists two songs:

  • “Every Pony” by Daniel Ingram as composer and lyricist
  • “Find A Pet” by Daniel Ingram as song writer


We have been pondering which song may be meant by “Every Pony.” My first intuition was “Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)” since “Everypony” is mentioned in the title, but it was suggested that the Smile song also features “everypony” in the chorus. Maybe Daniel Ingram will clear this up.

Update: He just did! Copypasta below.

I just found out that “Find a Pet” and “Becoming Popular” were both nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards!!! Credit for their help producing the songs goes to Steffan Andrews and David Corman, and a huge thanks to Hasbro/Hub/DHX Media for their support in making it happen!

Second update: Meghan McCarthy has of course written the lyrics for “Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)” and should’ve been credited accordingly. Now she’s credited here vicariously. Congratulations to you too, Meghan McCarthy!

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