Unreleased Blind Bag Soarin’ Charity Auction


Our own Phek reviewed the translucent blind bag Wonderbolts earlier this month. Mare Play UK seem to be real insiders of the pony toy business, as they managed to get hold of a prototype of one of these, a Soarin’, and are now auctioning him off almost entirely for charity: They promise to forward 90% to Starlight Children’s Foundation. Read the details below.

Hey everypony. I was lucky enough to get my hooves on one of the (currently) rarest and most sought-after blind bag ponies coming out next year: Soarin.

This Soarin pony is a PROTOTYPE. Although from what I can see it is a perfect replication, the aesthetics may change come release date for the wave 7 blind bags. There are no visible marks or scratches, except for on the bottom of the left wing (visible in picture). The official Hasbro My Little Pony printing is on Soarin’s front left hoof.

90% of the money raised from this auction will go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. This charity fulfills the wishes of terminally or seriously ill children by letting them meet their favourite star or things as simple as allowing them go to a theme park. We take our health for granted and forget that there are people who do not have a tomorrow like us. The time we spend on this world is only relative to what we did with the time we had. Live life to the full. Do the things you’ve always wanted to. Stop dreaming about your goals – go out there and do them. Starlight gives these kids some motivation to keep their heads up even though they know what awaits them. That, to me, is an incredible thing to do and I have and will continue to raise money for them till my dying days.

The other 10% will go to the Mare Play UK Van Fund. Mare Play UK is a company I set up as my way of giving back to the U.K Brony community. I have helped the U.K fandom get hold of U.S products as we are deprived of a lot of the merchandise available in the U.S. As the leading Brony merchant in the U.K, I get invited to attend meets and events from the South in Devon to the North in Scotland. It has become apparent that in order for me to be able to help out the community here in the UK I need a van to get me to the meet, sleep in it overnight then head back to my home town in London the next day. I’m not after anything nice, just something with 4 wheels and an engine that doesn’t leak will do. I have never and will never run my company for the purpose of profit. I do it because I enjoy it and the Brony community has some of the nicest people you could know involved.

(Note: If you are wondering whether the auction is really run by Mare Play UK, since they don’t link to it from their website, I emailed the founder of Mare Play UK, Blueflow a.k.a. Richard Spencer, and he confirmed its legitimacy.)

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