Daniel Ingram challenged us, nay DARED us to get him 3500 likes on his facebook page. And we got him 6000+.

[Facebook post]

[tl;dr people destroyed Ingram’s wall with porn and spam and pretty much everything. That man’s phone notifications must be on fire]

After much waiting and unruliness on his facebook wall, we FINALLY get it! I can only compare it to Black Friday morning at 4am right before the stores open for the big sales. People getting unruly and waiting in line to get what they want so desperately. And there I am, at the head of the line preparing myself to sprint towards the electronics section without getting trampled or beaten by the horde of people.

And to top it all off good ol’ Danny Boy (oh please let me call you that) UNDERESTIMATED us! Decided it would take at least the time it took to watch a movie to get it. You silly, silly man.

This turned out to be one of the weirdest excursions I’ve had in this fanbase. I honestly think that it will be remembered on all versions of this fanbase’s history timelines. I guarantee it.

Anyways, here it is!

MLP1 Hop Skip Jump Song (original) by dannyimusic

  • Hirosashii


  • pixelkitties

    This…in my head…ALL DAY! Thankfully, I love it!

  • derpymaths

    move your little rump… lol.. possibly the best line of any song ever

  • VioletYoshi

    Seems like Daniel got a case of, "Be careful what you wish for". ;)

  • Anonymous

    Word up look out for the coppers