Coming out of My Little Pony News it seems some random unseen blind bag figures have cropped up on eBay. Found by StarDragon of MLP Arena being sold by a seller located in China. They are being listed as a Hasbro product but they do not appear on any blind bag lists or have been seen on Taobao before. They include Gilda, Granny Smith, a Wonderbolt, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance along with a series of unnamed recolors. So chances are they are either something snuck out from future production or just really good knock offs. Pictures by Itajin after the page break.

Update: Went through the guys eBay account and listed all blind bag figures that appears for sale (may include already released ones, haven’t checked).

#19 Cadance (Celestia Style)

#25 Cadance (Pony Style)

#61 Trixie Lulamoon

#64 Shining Armor

#73 Nightmare Moon

#75 Gilda

#78 Celestia

#81 Granny Smith

#82 Wonderbolt

#80 Crystal(?) Rarity

[Source: MLPNews|MLPArena]

  • Rob

    the Twilight recolor is Waterfire; I recognize the cutie mark, which is a copy of the G3 version. not sure about the others.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe these didn’t pass QA? They look not-so-fresh in a few places.

    • Yeah that’s what my own mind says, they don’t look quite up to par.

  • Minisungam

    That’s the glow-in-the-dark Rarity

  • Folly

    The MLP facebook page just posted these (the new molds, anyway) in an album titled “My Little Pony miniature collection”, so it seems like they’re legit. They look like they’ll be sold in 3-figure sets; the apple family, Dash/wonderbolt/Gilda, and Twi with shining armor and cadence.

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