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DerpySquad Disclaimer:  I like to say, take this stuff with a grain of salt, there is some questionable things about these supposed leaks.  The supposed story is that an animator made a visit to a undisclosed forum and posted these pictures, which are taken with a camera.  One main thing that crops up is the train in Ponyville, as the position of Twilight, Spike, Granny Smith and such as those from the intro, but suddenly there is a train and train station in Ponyville?  Could be fake, could be Hasbro shoving the train toy into the intro to make profit.  But again, these are not confirmed 100% and should be considered rumor/gossip.

To save ourselves from all the WAH SPOILERS comments we’ll hide these behind the break

So is it Luna or not?

It seems someone uploaded these screenshots from the new season. These are supposed to be part of the

new opening animation? These are all kind of rumors and not confirmed but they do have those studio timestamps… too substantial to not post!


thanks anon!

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  • commander jesus

    Oh lawdy!

  • Lethallin

    Luna looking kinda mean?

    Whelp, time for some people to get way too upset over this.

  • Anonymous

    Well, this is quite a find!

  • "Boogster"


  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who is 100% SURE that is Luna wearing a hood?


  • Anonymous


  • DerpySquad

    I gotta agree with Anon@12:03AM, that's not a female pony (look at the snout).

  • Dooks

    My body is not ready for the new opening

  • plaster

    i dunno, luna has that longer nose

  • Anonymous

    Halloween episode, confirmed?

  • Renegade5286

    I think it is Luna

  • HiccupFlux

    Some pony said this on EqD.

    "My money is on the theory that the Luna image is from a view into someone's overactive imagination, rather like when Twilight imagined the parasprites carrying Celestia off to her doom during Swarm of the Century. "

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I have a theory that the Luna pic is collected to the apparent Halloween episode.

    ~Kate H.

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    omg there is train station in ponyville.

    and… yes, it has to be luna, that pony is exactly like her.

  • DerpySquad

    You know, the more I look at this, the more I'm starting to think someone is fucking with us. Either way, its made the night entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    Like Kate H. said, it's possible that Luna's just dressing up for Halloween. That would make sense if the pictures were from the same episode right?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that's Luna. But it's HALLOWEEN Luna, so of course she's going to cause a little mischief. Halloween is one of the few times when all ponies are up and playing at night, so it's likely that Luna is considered the Halloween Queen in Equestria (which is awesome if canon).

  • DerpySquad

    Yeah, I'll admit I never noticed Luna has kind of a squared off snout. I would guess if everything else is real, Halloween episode, Luna looks evil cause, well, Halloween.

  • Anonymous

    > Luna rapeface.
    > Twilight gets on the train with her.


  • 8ftmetalhead

    Btw, this is hasbro so I imagine the pony express has alot to do with pinkie's railway toy.

    An interesting read, regardless.

    also yeah given the theme of the screenshots IE apple bobbing mean luna/hood etc etc it does appear this is from a halloween ep.

  • Moshalas

    Luna's looking like she's got something good going there. I'm not decieved by the obvious. I know they'll sneak in something in the process of derailing fanon.

  • Anonymous

    Why can't they have a train station in Ponyville? How did the Mane 6 and Bloomberg get to Appleloosa then? The train had to have started somewhere.

  • Anonymous

    It begins…

  • frostedWarlock

    Hey, it's perfectly okay that you used my DiscordedDitzy drawing for this article (the source is by the way), but I don't fully get what it has to do with the article! Kinda weird!

    This news is still awesome though.

  • plaster

    hey, thanks! I didn't get the chance to hunt it down. Sorry about that. Also It doesn't have to do anything with the news at hand really. We just love derpy art here

  • DerpySquad

    Yeah, if you get checking the backlog, you'll see its more just random derpy art posted with the news, if we find something that it can relate to we'll use it, otherwise its just pretty random. We also try and always linkback to the artist source.

  • Anonymous

    I am SO excited for the Derpy cameo! Please be real please be real please be real!