We just got out of a press conference with the Co-Chair of EverfreeNW who had called up the Brand Manager at Hasbro. You may have heard that the Voice Actors and Talent were all on lockdown through Bronyville’s latest episode.

Good news! Hasbro isn’t being evil here. There is a simple explanation for all of this. They are protecting the Voice Talent. There are so many people desiring contact, wanting interviews and appearances from them that they need to sit down as a company and flesh out a policy to run by because they cannot simply cater to everyone and stretch the VA’s too thin. They need some time to work this out. They want us to know that they are looking at ways to better deal with our crazy corner of the internet.  We have heard good things about this call and we expect good things from this relationship. This is also the contact that we will hear about anything regarding Derpy.

So, with that out of the way. We ALL need you guys to not go and bother Hasbro at all. The situation is under control and any more people bugging them will only worsen the situation. It’s like a parent that says “Maybe” and if you bug them enough and it will turn into a solid “No”. I’m sure most of you know what that’s like.

This is to dispell and put out any fires. Do not act unnecessarily.


Note, the Derpy problem is not settled 100% Disregard AC’s comment at the very end of the video

  • filledwithsolutions

    So was there anything at all official on Derpy or was the end of the video complete speculation?

    If Hasbro said nothing at all about her, then why even bring her up in the video?

  • Dill

    Huzzah! This is a good thing that they’re taking time to organize ways to work with our community! I think Seth’s point about Derpy is that Hasbro is on our side and there’s no reason for anyone to freak about it. Hasbro is just trying to collect themselves with this fandom explosion. I personally think paranoia is what’s causing most of the drama and if we just relax and trust these Hasbro dudes it’ll all be ok.

  • Anonymous

    The time frame requested seemed weird, but maybe I’m missing something. They need a few weeks to get their response together? That makes it sound like something just recently happened. Did something just happen in the past couple days? Was there a huge call from multiple cons for VA presence?

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad that this is something that the brony community “leaders” can all agree on. Particularly happy that this was a collaborative message that included Plaster and DerpySquad AND Sethisto (in addition to everyone else).

    On a more relevant note, this is good news from Hasbro, I guess, though we’re still not getting a lot of information, just more of a “wait and see” type of thing…

  • Ryan Hightower

    I think Hasbro should be more like Michael Jackson when it comes to this kind of popularity.