[Update] Season 2 Peak HQ Video


It looks like The Hub sent EqD a .mov that’s closer to the original. Get it here.


For any videophiles out there, I managed to capture The Hub’s spot for the Fall 2011 season with two seconds of FiM Season 2 footage.

Unfortunately, my cable service doesn’t receive The Hub in HD right now, so this is the SD stream.


Cropped h.264 .mkv

Raw transport stream

  • Anonymous

    Boy Celestia looks mighty pissed, I wonder why.

  • Frith

    New icon acquired! Now totally psyched for season two!

  • Anonymous

    /co/ went fucking crazy yesterday when this thing dropped.

  • LosthopeOfDusk

    Looks good so far!

  • pixelkitties

    Slightly crazed, orange-y glow Twilight is now the best Twilight!