Hands On With Gameloft’s New Pony Game

Pineapple of The Round Stable got Jessica Lewinstein, the PR manager for Gameloft, to demonstrate to their camera how the game is structured and how it will be monetized. Head over to The Round Stable to watch the video, or find it after the break.

The game, which appears to be reminiscent of Beeline Interactive’s Smurfs’ Village according to a friend, has thus far “about four mini games” embedded in the context of a Ponyvillian landscape. Interestingly, she explains that the player “start[s] out as Twilight Sparkle,” to “[build] the town of Ponyville from scratch,” rendering Twilight the new Granny Smith in a way.

On the topic of monetization, she explains that “if you play through the game, you can unlock all the content naturally as you progress,” but you can also pay to unlock, e.g., various characters from the start. Since Beeline’s approach has garnered some criticism, I hope the natural unlocking is not unfairly time-consuming or cumbersome, but this game will mostly be played by adults anyway.

  • I noticed that they named Surprise (yellow mane) “Soarin'” (blue-black mane).

    • Oh, that Surprise, right! Since Soarin’ is more popular than Surprise (at least the Wonderbolt Surprise), I’d guess they picked the wrong model.