Slow news day is slow, but I guess its probably a combo of good weather and spring, ponies doing their winter wrap up (mfw my snowmobiles are still in the yard, surrounded by green grass) and off doing god knows what.  I know the IRC channel I dwell in has been quiet.  So videos you’ve probably already seen.

My Little Pony:  Friendship is Animals

This is a 42 minute video of the first two episodes dubbed with Pink Floyd’s Animals album.  I haven’t given it a go, but its probably interesting.  Heh, kind of like listening to Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz, never tried that either.
Nyan Dash
Actually ponies brought me to this song, well the Myon version that seems to go around.  As the description says, it just had to be done.
Well, not really news, but if for some reason you’re looking to read just this news section (which now uses blogspot) we do have a domain for it for easier linking.
That’s all for now, Happy Easter everypony!  Question for you, what would easter by like in Equestria, if they actually had the holiday, but you know, the whole bunny bringing you candy and such, not nailing someone to a pair of boards because he threatened the Romans.

  • -ITW-

    You guys must be desperate if you are just copying news from eqdaily now

  • DerpySquad

    Desperate to me would mean that we are in competition with someone, and I'm not. When its slow, yeah, we do borrow the news from EqD, this is nothing new, and has been ever since EqD out ran the site. People submit things to EqD, I have to go and find them, and there is no team here, just me.

  • frith

    Here's news I don't see on Eq Daily: People have started to receive their metal Rainbow Dash pins from Kanamai (Darkly Cute). The orders for the 10 other designs are rolling in and you can see the stats here. Rainbow Dash continues to lead the pack and because the die is already made, the second printing of her cutie mark pin only requires a minimum order of 100 to cost $2 per pin. It is possible to print the other pins already, but the cost per pin will be higher.

  • frith

    Easter in Equestria… There are chickens, but I think their eggs are for making baked goods. So, instead of an easter egg hunt, the ponies could engage in an easter muffin hunt. 8^) But what would they associate it to? Isn't Easter calculated as being around the first full moon after Equinox? This sounds like a holiday designed by Princess Luna. Maybe not so hot for stargazing since the moon is full, but finding muffins by the light of the moon would be more of a challenge. Or maybe it could be a spring lights festival with sparklers and glow sticks, although I'm missing something. I'm not getting the spooky ponies control all thing vibe…