Awesome fan made animation about Luna’s general work day. Tiny 2 second area that would probably be considered NSFW, but its more just Celestia being the troll that she is. Thanks to Swebow for pointing it out to me.

Finally finished this. 
I originally envisioned this as a 1 month side project, but with all the other things I work on, such as My Little Bloopers and art pieces in general, along with the fact that I had to re-learn Flash all over again, it effectively took over 5 months to get this over with.

There’s a lot of little things that limited me here. The magical effects are simple and plain and music was added at the last second.

I have another (MUCH simpler) fanimation planned, but I think I’ll delay it a bit so I can focus on getting everything else up to speed first.

Oh, yeah, I know this isn’t the most appropriate thing to upload on Valentine’s day, but…well, think of it as my thanks to all my viewers. You guys/gals make this all worthwhile.

By the way, want to fiddle with the original flash source file? 
Here you go:
Bear in mind that there is no sound, as it was added through another program.


  • Painless Wolf

    Pretty Amazing! Thank you. :o) The part where she got up in her chair and seated herself looked simple but if you thought about what was involved in motion to make it look like a pony had gotten up in an armchair….well, just thank you again!