Walmart Equestria Girls Site

Walmart Equestria Girls Site

Need more Equestria Girls stuff in your life? Walmart has a nice fix for you with a special section of their site dedicated to Equestria Girls. Even though it seems geared towards marketing the Equestria Girls toys, you can check out more info on each of the humanized Mane 6 and enjoy some Equestria Girls content. Hidden on the site is a couple of “hidden gems” which each link to some downloadable content including a downloadable song. We won’t spoil where they are (that big green glowing gem in the image above may or may not be one of them). Rest assured though that they’re really not that hard to find. Just note that some are only found by linking to a character’s profile. You can check it out at the link below.

Equestria Girls – Walmart

  • Now to wait for someone to find S4 info hidden somewhere.

  • Anonymous

    but EG won’t affect main show!