[Link to Store page] – This is actually the old one that we already knew about.


The US waves are all labelled weird. The wave one boxes we know are actually wave 2 as wave one was the Toys r Us box or some individual boxes, I don’t even really know.

I apologize for the error.



  • Anonymous

    these showed up in my walmart about a month ago but recently walmart has pulled all my little pony stock from our walmart so im sorry i cant provide any proof

  • Noval

    These have been available for a while at Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. I’ve picked up 2 full cases plus a couple extra sets of the Mane 6 and glitter ponies since they started showing up.

    • plaster

      im pretty sure those are still the wave ones as those showed up in stores. the difference is that wave two has purple bags and wave one has pink. also cross check the ponies with the charts that are out there

  • Present Perfect

    …Are you sure these are wave 2? The description says Fizzypop, who’s wave 1.