Euro Wave III (Purple) / Euro Wave IV (Blue)
US Wave 3

A few days ago our merchandise person Folly posted about the Wave 3 Blind Bags appearing in the US, which was confirmed by a several comments including one pointing out that it was mentioned the items were on their way via a rep from Hasbro at the My Little Pony Fair down in Florida. It seems what is dubbed the “US Wave 3” is actually a combo of “Euro’s Wave 3 & 4”. So if you’re going to be hunting these things down, you’re going to want to grab both the purple and blue bags.

Thanks to J.B. who sent in the information and pictures to us, along with an explanation on what was going on. He’s also gone over how the numbering system works, which I’ll let you read some copy / pasta rather than my attempt to rephrase them. Here is a quote:

Now, for the numbering… It follows the exact same pattern as the first case release (US Wave III, or Pink series), but with slightly different enumerations. The Purple series is numbered 4x5y2, while the Pink series is numbered 8x2y6. However, just like the Pink series, the x and y represent the figure in the case, with x representing the tens place and y representing the ones place. In other words, 40512 is #1 of the Purple series (Twilight Sparkle), while 82246 is #24 of the Blue series (metallic Pinkie Pie).

After the page break we have a list of serial numbers and of course what pony is in the bag. You can also check out this gdoc spreadsheet which contains the codes for all three US series (Pink, Purple & Blue).

Credit for this information goes out to the Gulf Coast Bronies, and the mod of Steve Jackson’s FRAG – My Little Pwny: FRAGing Is Magic.

And remember if you can’t find them locally, you can always hit up for your pony merchandise, seems the Wave 3 figures are now out of pre-order (obviously).

Series #    Pony Name
40512    Twilight Sparkle
40522    Rarity
40532    Bitta Luck
40542    Rainbowshine
40552    Goldengrape
40562    Pinkie Pie (GLOW-IN-THE-DARK)
40572    Rainbow Dash
40582    Golden Harvest (a.k.a. Carrot Top)
40592    Sprinkle Stripe
41502    Sea Swirl
41512    Big Mcintosh
41522    Twilight Sparkle (GLOW-IN-THE-DARK)
41532    Pinkie Pie
41542    Apple Dazzle
41552    Lovestruck
41562    Berryshine (a.k.a. Berry Punch)
41572    Meadow Song
41582    Rarity (GLOW-IN-THE-DARK)
41592    Applejack
42502    Fluttershy
42512    Cherry Berry
42522    Lyra Heartstrings
42532    Noteworthy
42542    Lucky Dreams
Series #    Pony Name
80216    Applejack (SPARKLY CLEAR)
80226    Fluttershy (SPARKLY CLEAR)
80236    Trixie Lulamoon (SPARKLY CLEAR)
80246    Crimson Gala (SPARKLY CLEAR)
80256    Minuette (SPARKLY CLEAR) (a.k.a. Colgate)
80266    Royal Riff (SPARKLY CLEAR)
80276    Pinkie Pie (SPARKLY CLEAR)
80286    Merry May (SPARKLY CLEAR)
80296    Electric Sky (SPARKLY CLEAR)
81206    Chance-A-Lot (SPARKLY CLEAR)
81216    Berry Green (SPARKLY CLEAR)
81226    Rarity (METALLIC SHIMMER)
81236    Twilight Sparkle (SPARKLY CLEAR)
81246    Rarity (SPARKLY CLEAR)
81256    Sassaflash (SPARKLY CLEAR)
81266    Peachy Sweet (SPARKLY CLEAR)
81276    Twilight Sky (SPARKLY CLEAR)
81286    Applejack (METALLIC SHIMMER)
81296    Rainbow Dash (SPARKLY CLEAR)
82206    Mosely Orange (SPARKLY CLEAR) (a.k.a. Uncle Orange)
82216    Amethyst Star (SPARKLY CLEAR)
82226    Twilight Velvet (SPARKLY CLEAR)
82236    Shoeshine (SPARKLY CLEAR)
82246    Pinkie Pie (METALLIC SHIMMER)
  • tweenergirl

    Thanks for a great website. When did wave 2 hit the US or did they skip over that one here in the states?

    • I think this is “wave 2” for the US though it seems everyone is calling them Wave 3. Personally I’m confused, I’ll probably just use the color of the bags from this point.

  • Black Jack the unicorn

    As far as I can tell the US waves are different… wave 1 was the 12 pack with mane 6 from Toys R us, wave 2 was euro wave 1, and wave 3 is this, it’s kind of a weird mix things….

    • tweenergirl

      Thank you Black Jack.

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  • dj pon-4

    i is terribly confused. i just got blind bags at toysrus and it was not either of those sets. the #3 pony was sweetcream scoops and #1 was twilight sparkle

    • Joseph B.

      I am also confused… That doesn’t follow any of the case releases Hasbro’s done so far. It must be a Wave III (Pink series) release, though, because Sweetcream Scoops is ONLY available in that series. Hasbro may have changed the bag numbers again… What were the numbers on the bags?