Packaging for wave 8 of the blind bags have been found on eBay. The seller also lists factory error and common Taobao finds as well. The packaging is sky blue with the Wonderbolts on front.

The back of the packaging shows that there’s crimped numbers (for the codes) and pictures of the 24 ponies in the set.

Upon closer inspection, it’s the translucent ponies with painted manes, tails and printed eyes and cutie marks!

There’s currently no estimated arrival time for this wave. Wave 6 (purple with stars) is to come out with the rest of the Crystal Empire toys some point in 2013, while wave 7 (yellowgreen with wedding theme) still has no mention of what the figures are or when they will come out. Wave 5 (yellow with alicorn molds) have yet to reach the United States.

[Source: MLP Arena, eBay]

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, but fyi I have the purple with stars wave now. They’ve shipped from BBTS in November.

  • dos

    “wave 7 (yellowgreen with wedding theme)” and “Wave 5 (yellow with alicorn molds)” are the same waves, they just got two slightly different packaging looks, probably depending on region. So this one on photos is wave 7.

  • Adam

    Wish I can see those ponies more clearly.

  • can you please post wave 7 on here? <3