Wave 9 Blind Bags on Taobao


Ossie7 sent these in through tumblr. These are the “rainbow twice as fancy” ponies that we’ve been seeing for awhile.

QdzTBKiAs these were found on Taobao, there’s no word on when they will be in stores near you, but keep your eyes open.

Viq94QaThe highlights of this wave are the three twice as fancy ponies. Otherwise there’s a couple of rereleases, miniature set rereleases and that Twilight isn’t in this wave.

Wt6uSLqNo word on codes just yet, so feel free to send them in if you pick these up from Taobao.


Here’s all the ponies:

Top row (on box):

Rainbow Dash (with markings), unique mold Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity (with markings), Applejack, Big Macintosh, Amethyst Star
Second row:

Berryshine, Lily Valley, Mr. Carrot Cake, Noteworthy, Princess Cadance (with markings), Sea Swirl, Shoeshine, Peachy Sweet, Grape Delight
Third row:

Lavender Fritter, Prism Glider, Apple Honey, Tropical Storm, Nurse Snowheart, Sprinkle Medley, Honey Hays, Green Jewel




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