Weekend ScratchUp

I’ve always found Ponies to be be pretty therapeutic, but I find where this therapy is really the most effective is through the music. So much so that I find myself listening to remixes of those sugarbeats during my daily commute. So here I’ll share my self-medication in a track listing of the most stimulating remixes and mashups that’ve tickled my cochlea. There’s plenty more out there that I still haven’t sifted through, so stay tuned! Please don’t hesitate to make recommendations in the comments!
No original fan music here, because I’m a heathen.

Eurobeat Brony
     Super Ponybeat Vol. 1
     Super Ponybeat Vol. 1 [ALTERNATE VERSIONS]
     Super Ponybeat Vol. 2

     At the Winter Gala
     Giggle at the Ghostie (Saltlakrits 20% Cooler Remix)
     Cupcakes in My Basement

PinkiePieSwear | Tindeck Listing
     Giggle at the Ghostly (Simple Joy Mix)
     Art of the Dress (Always Stressed Mix)
     Winter Wrap Up (Late Again)

DJAmaya | Official Site

     My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Intro (Alex S. Glitch Remix)
     Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme Song (Alex S. Dubstep Remix)The only remix so far that makes the CMC song listenable.

     Cupcakes! (Pinkie Pie Vocal daks Remix)
     The Best Party (Pinkie Pie daks Remix)

     Winter Wrap Up (General Mumble Remix)
     Scratch vs. Octavia (FiM Main Theme Remix)

Dirty Androids VS Pony Punk – Golden Cupcakes
CJTheMusicDude – What Does Everypony Do? (Winter Wrap Up Remix)
infinitydash – Pinkie Pie’s Pinkie Party (BGM Remix)
JunkiesNewb – At The Gala (Orchestra Vocal Edition) | Original by NRGFORCE
SeanNH94 – Giggle at the Ghosty (No Fear Remix)
Laservega – Giggle At the Ghosties (MLP space mix)
JackleApp – Winter Left Unwrapped
All Levels at Once – Winter Wrap Up ELECTROPOP REMIX
VanillaNapoleon – My Little Pony vs Aqua – The Art of Dr Jones’ Dress
Konig1992 – Daft Punk vs My Little Pony – Wrap-Up Time
SgtScrubnoob – Wrappin’ Up the World (scrubnoob edit)
ilysabeth – Fluttershys 20% cooler version – Fireflies Parody

YouTube Playlist

Other notable mixers:

  • Anonymous

    Ypu should definitely add Fluttershy's Lament by all levels at once, it is epic!

  • sci

    can I recommend myself? :3
    er, well, I haven't really made a good, clean remix in a while, but like…

    here I think you'll like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk-JuKr1qas

    another guy I recommend, though he does more "original fan music" (stop being a heathen and enjoy some original already!)
    sadsic: http://soundcloud.com/sadsic/tango-down

    besides that…yeah most the music I'd like to mention here is original. <_<

  • LosthopeOfDusk

    Thank you very much!

  • Blue Water EZP

    I agree, Fluttershy's Lament is great.
    Also I will be E-Mailing my associate a collection of Rock n' Roll songs in case he wants to put it up on D.Hooves.

    Friendship is Metal!

    – Blue Water EZPwny

    P.S. Great selection of songs.

  • Blue Water EZP

    Derp. Don't I feel like a D.Hooves. I might as well post the link to the Fluttershy Vids.

    If you Add the songs to your post or hate this comment just Remove it. No Hard feelings if you do.

    Avast Fluttershy's Ass – 20% Cooler Yay Equaliser Edition:

    Avast Fluttershy's Ass:

    Fluttershy's Lament:

    – Blue Water EZPwny

    P.S. Derp!