Otakon Brony Meetup [Post 123] (DH) – Our very own Plaster & Strawberry Spice attended the Otakon convention and met up with many bronies and had a blast.  Many pictures and videos to be shared.

Twilight Sparkle Animated Storyteller (DH) – New product from Hasbro, the animated storyteller Twilight Sparkle Plushie (though it sings and doesn’t tell stories).  Seems to include a missing piece of the extended intro song.

Storyboard for the last episode of Season 2 of FiM Almonst Complete (DH) – Posted over on Sibsy’s dA account (Senior Storyboarder of FiM) that the story boards for Season 2 are just about done, yay.

Derpy Hooves Toy in the works?  (DH) – The MLP Facebook page gave a hint that there might be a Derpy toy in the works, but they’re giving us that “Stay Tuned” reply, which from the Q&A I guess means good things.

DH Hits 300k Pageviews (DH) – It isn’t no 1 milion or 20 million, but unlike EqD the counter on the left side only reads the front page (EqD reads every article, like our second counter in the news feed).  So 300k pageviews on the front page, can’t beat that.

Target Starts Building Canterlot Features (DH) – Displays for the Canterlot toys seem to be going up in Target, despite the August 1st release date.

Bling Bag Pony Set (DH) – ToysRus is releasing all the Blind Bag ponies in a set of 12, you get the mane 6 but you also get 6 others.  Looking for anyone who might have the names of these recolored ponies.

The Fiends from Dream Valley [#7] (DH) – The latest update from the Fiends of Dream Valley development team, gives you a taste of the game, but they are hiding so much.

BroNYcon September: Special Guest Jayson Thiessen (DH) – Seems Jayson Thiessen, director of MLP:FiM will be a special guest during September’s BroNYcon, organized by Purple Tinker.  PT noted in the comments that BroNYcon holds regular monthly meetups, while having a few full size events (such as September) too.

Jacob Minkoff, LEader Game Designer @ Naughty Dog is a Brony (EqD – Some may say who, but Mr. Minkoff is the lead designer behind the Uncharted series, and has been posted many ponies on his blog.

Welovefine T-Shirt Contest (EqD) – The Welovefine team is holding a contest to “design an awesome pony t-shirt and win a thousand bucks”.  This started awhile ago, but apparently the power of ponies caused their servers to crash.  They are now back up and running.  Contest ends August 21st @ 11:59 PST.

And last I’ll welcome any new readers that wandered in from Otakon.  Our assistant editor Plaster was spreading the love around (to many who said what site?).  Hopefully you’ll become regular visitors.  In short this site is about pony news, namely about the show and merchandise, and things related to that.  We do highlight the community, but less frequent than EquestriaDaily.

Since we started in December, we had been doing the same thing EqD was doing and highlighting both the news and community, but as EqD’s popularity exploded, we are now moving to more mainstream news about the show.  We are also doing a site revamp, so pardon our mess and outdated sections.  Once Season 2 rolls around, we will be in full gear.

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    You don't actually believe that EqD's counter is actually a counter, do you?

    It goes up at a linear rate. It's just a script that increases the number of "hits".

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    ^ that would just be a timer

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    Yes, yes it would.

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