Weekly Wrap Up [08/07/2011]

Well, sadly this weekly wrap up news wise is very small, cause there is no real news.  You don’t even have to look below, here’s the summary:  Colbert gave a shout out to bronies but it wasn’t just random, the NY Observer did a report on bronies at the last BroNYcon.  Some animation art, possible brony stuff in season 2, and Snails confirmed for season 2.

Stephen Colbert mentions Bronies (DH) – Stephen Colbert gave a shout out to bronies.  Many celebrated, some grumbled since it was somewhat forced and not just utterly random.

New York Observer Report (DH) – Coverage of bronies at the last BroNYcon by the New York Observer.

Official Animator Artwork (EqD) – Some official animator artwork by William Bradford appeared on a sketch blog he keeps.

Brony Stuff Confirmed for Season Two? (EqD) – Didn’t get a chance to report this here, but more or less the development team is aware of the adult fanbase, and thus we’ll see more things that tailor to us.

Snails Confirmed for Season Two (EqD) – I think this is the first confirmed non-main character returning to the show, and its Snails.  I just assume we’re probably going to see everyone at some point.

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