Weekly Wrap Up [08/21/2011]

Now without slogan.

Well we missed last weeks weekly wrap up, but there hasn’t been much to post about.  I’m also going to try a different format this week, call it a digest version for those who don’t want to go read the articles directly (ala your week in review).

Evolution of a Scene (Part 4)
A series of videos that have been released by one of the animators on the show, basically shows the evolution of a scene from rough draft to what is put on television.  Part 4 showed how even episode names get changed, such as Dress for Failure that was renamed to Suited for Success, cause the word failure is depressing.

The /co/ Scrimmage
Butthurting mod goes on small banning spree against ponies.  Seems main complaint was all the raunchy stuff that had been going on in the threads at times, but was probably more for shits and giggles.  Got called furries, was told to keep it to one thread, and try to keep it clean.

Pony Video Takedown
Nothing ever came of this, but basically several pony youtube accounts were taken down.  Through a few miscommunications, it became known that Hasbro had taken the videos down, and people freaked out.  The MLP facebook page was the cause, as it posted about knowing the videos were being taken down due to them being posted without proper permission, and the murky law wording of the post made people think it was indeed Hasbro.  Its been more or less written down that it was just trolls, probably a reverb from the /co/ scrimmage.

Hot Topic Fanart Conflict
Well the article is probably two posts down, in short Hot Topic has a 20% cooler t-shirt that seems to feature fanart, namely a background created by Megasweet, who claims no knowledge of giving hot topic permission.  So far not much to report on this, MS has contacted Hot Topic and awaits a reply.

Season 2 / Episode 1 Confirmed, possible start date
The article is probably directly below this post, but we learned the general plot of Season 2, Episode 1 and also may have the release date of September 17th @ 9am EST.  The episode description has been confirmed by two staff members, the date has yet to be confirmed.

And of course, other fun things we had this week:

– Comic: Scoots Weird Fetish & Who dat baby daddy?! by Gavalanche
– Rarity Whining in Japanese
– Super Fluttershy World 2: Manticore’s Island
– Feature Artist: YoorPorick
– Comic: Power Mare by Pixelkitties
– Weekend ScratchUp

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