Well its been a slow news week, but we are now officially under two weeks until Season 2 begins, is your body prepared?  I just worry some may hype this too much, and be disappointed.  But we know its a two part opening with a named villain.  Anyways, down to business.

Indie game developer Mane 6 held a one hour preview of their fighting game, Fighting is Magic, over livestream.  The event garnished over 3k viewers, and revealed many parts of the game, namely what has been completed so far.  General reviews have been good.

Its been implied by Lauren Faust’s dA comment feed that we will be getting more family backgrounds in season 2.  Only nature since we really don’t know much about any of the Mane 6’s families, the only parents we saw were Pinkie Pie and Twilight’s.

An animation artist on the show released a reel of animation clips, which included a quick scene from a season 2 episode.  Image wise its a colorless Rainbow Dash hugging a cloud while fleeing from something, and then being pulled off by a rope (assumed to be Applejack).  Its been basically confirmed it deals with the Discord villain.

Faust released multiple concept sketches on her dA.  These sketches (part of the 2008 collection) feature such concepts such as dragons (female in nature), character concepts and the manticore.  One thing that was randomly pointed out and asked about was a mouse in a Fluttershy sketch, which Faust said was the original concept of Angel, a mouse named Mortimer.  (Its also been pointed out the name was originally Mickey Mouse’s concept name).

There was a random Q&A with FiM director Jayson Thiessen back on 8/28, where we learned a few things about the show.  There will be no humans, possible Trixie return, and confirmed that the people who make the show know their demographic isn’t just young females.

Seems a senior storyboard artist from FiM stopped by the EqD IRQ back on Friday and answered a whole bunch of questions.

DerpyHooves “Best Episode” Poll 
Our poll for “Best Episode” finally closed over the past week, and well no big surprise to anyone who had been checking it.  1,046 votes and our end results are…

01.  Party of One (287 votes)
02.  Sonic Rainboom (144 votes)
03.  The Cutie Mark Chronicles (90 votes)
04.  The Best Night Ever (78 votes)
05.  Winter Wrap Up (67 votes)

That’s all folks.
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    Great post!

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    I can't wait to see some of the mane six's parents. Children will either react to or rebel against their parents, so it can be a wild card. Maybe Dash's parents are "annoying"?