Weekly Wrap Up [7/10/2011]

Time for your weekly wrap up, a little late but between work and a few pony related meetings online, I got behind on writing this last night.  So here is your week in review..

Pony Buses in Mexico – (EqD) Pictures of MLP advertisement on buses from Mexico City appeared from TheSunAndTheRainfall from Ponychan.  You can see Hasbro and the Hub ramping up for Season 2 and I’m sure now well aware of its popularity among us non-little-girl fans.  This of course with the billboard from LA.

Featured Artist – Nya-nyannu – (DH) The second entry to our Featured Artist series, Nya-nyannu is the creator of several OC pony comics which have grabbed the attention of many people, mainly focusing on the little social hang up of life that many people have.

Season 2 Episode 19 Title Revealed – (EqD) Apparently the name of episode 19 of Season 2 was leaked to the MLP IMDB page, though you can only speculate if its real or fake, and if its real, what is the meaning.  The episode is dubbed Putting Your Hoof Down which does sound like an episode, obviously some pony is doing something which requires (probably Twilight) to put a stop to it.

Social Brony Facebook App – (DH) Sedthh wrote a Pony App for Facebook, called SocialBrony.  Its still in beta version but lets you send Derpy Mail, write to Celestia and more.

ID Tech Camp Professor Converts Entire Class To Pony – (EqD)  A professor from the iD Tech Camp at Washington U converted an entire game development class into ponies, through mad science.  The camp program usually has a theme week in which ponies were added to the list as a joke, but instead there was a massive out pouring of pony material created.

Behind the Scenes Video – (DH)  A video that is floating around which shows some of the background work going into the show, namely the voice actors.  Note that its not Terra Strong doing Twilight in this, most people caught that.  Its thought that this video shows earlier recording sessions, as it doesn’t seem to be the final cut that is on the show.  An interesting watch.

Extensive Pony Dictionary – (EqD) Sagebrush and “B” have created a dictionary which covers the terminology of the fandom, from blank flank to fillyfooler.  Its an interesting read, I’ve had it open for several days, as I was planning on posting it in the news.

Animation World Network:  Of Ponies and Bronies – (DH) Online magazine the Animation World Network has written a positive article on bronies, it covers the history and facts of the fandom and the show itself, Faust’s path on being hired, and even a section about Derpy Hooves.

MLP Facebook Page Announces Fan Forum – (EqD)  It was announced about mid week via the official MLP Facebook page that there was a surprise, and it turns out to be a fan forum, or well another section of the facebook page that’s suppose to act like it.  According to Cereal @ EqD it looked pretty much like another ‘wall’ to post on.

Featured Artist:  Pixelkitties – (DH)  Another great artist in the community, Pixelkitties has done multiple comics such as Derp of the Moon, a more or less commentary on the new Transformers movie, and My Little Sunshine, an epic 5+ page comic (serious but comedic at the same time) about Celestia missing and the ponies of Ponyville attempting to light the moon on fire, to bring about warmth and spring.

Hungarian Pony Magazine – (EqD) There seems to be a monthly pony magazine coming from Hungarian, I haven’t looked into it too much but of course Seth & EqD have, check the article.

Featured Story – Dinky Doo’s Father Revealed by RoyGBiv – (DH)  A very touching story about how Derpy met Dinky’s father, Bran Muffin, and the love they shared.  First entry into the Library of Derp, and a story I’m still thinking about.  I read somewhere RGB might be working on a sequel to this, more or less following Bran Muffin after the events told in this story (won’t say anymore as not to ruin the story).

July 15th – Official Brony Appreciation Day – (EqD)  The official twitter of MLP has declared July 15th to be Brony Appreciation Day!  No one is sure what this means, either its just a day declared for us, or the MLP people are going to do something fun, or the older generation fans are going to herd us into the barn, lock it and burn it.  You just never know :)

Ponies Around the World Event – (EqD) A brony by the name of Vaum is holding an event, basically take a pony toy and go take a picture of it near a landmark that might be near you.  You only got until the 13th, so if this is the first you heard of it, best get cracking.  Full details in the article.

Pony Episode Chronology – (EqD) RusselH on dA put together a bubble graph that attempts to put the episodes of Season 1 into a working order.  You know how the episodes go, Winter Wrap Up, and then two episodes later we’re dealing with the leaves of fall.  This tries to put it down into a timeline based on the facts in each episode, a very interesting read.

And that’s all for the Weekly Wrap Up.  I never got around of doing the Arts & Crafts wrap up last week, and the fact that some weeks there are just not a ton of arts & crafts being made.  So hopefully in the next 24 hours, we’ll have a 2 week A&C wrap up.

And now, for something different…

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