Its that time of the week again, okay I’m a little late but that’s due to being called into work today, but that’s the way of the working brony.  Its been kind of a slow news week though, I guess we’re probably reaching the bottom of the Season 1 wave.  I know I said this around the 4th, but sooner or later we’ll start up the Season 2 wave, and things will probably get nuts everywhere.
We are slowly gearing up here at DH to provide you with the best pony news possible, and assistant editor Plaster has been out and about in the pony community talking to people, readers and even non-readers to get some feedback on what everyone would like to see from this site.  We got our notes, so expect some gear changes, along with of course the site changes we have talked about.  And on the note of site changes, yes the right side bar has disappeared (as planned), and its not just your browser acting funny.  Between some complaints about the Featured Videos causing some issues, and just having more width space in the blog, we decided to remove it.  And no, we’re not playing monkey see monkey do with EqD, since they did the same thing a few weeks ago.  You’ll see other changes.
Anyways, time for your weekly wrap up on Pony News….
Fiends from Dream Valley – Update 5 (DH)Originally known as MLP:FiM The Flash Game, the Dream Valley Development Team released their 5th video showcasing the female voice actors that have been lined up for the game.  Sometime in probably the next 24 hours, Update 6 will be out and will showcase the male voices.  You can also catch the team on The Brony Show this Monday.
MLP Convention Official Q&A Videos (DH) – Currently our most popular news item for the week, someone was able to snatch some video from the official Q&A from MLPCon 2011 which talks about what we can expect in official pony merchandise for 2011.  To sum this up quickly, DVD/Blu-Ray of Season 1, Canterlot Toy Series to come out in August, Boy Pony Toys in discussion, they love bronies and will be getting us some type of merchandise sometime in the future, and Plaster wants one of those Pinkie Pie shirts.
Applejack Heinz Pasta (DH) – Oddly enough Applejack has appeared on cans of pasta, and not applesauce?
Best Derpy Comic – Terraria Give-Away Contest (DH) – A bunch of us pony sites are holding various contests to give away 8 free digital copies of Terraria to 8 lucky winners.  EqD has an article which lists what all the sites are doing, we are looking for the Best Derpy Comic.  Contest ends August 25th, or so.  So far I’ve had two submissions, but we’ll see what time gives us (if anything).
Welovefine Pony T-Shirts (DH) – Welovefine has been given the rights to officially use ponies on their t-shirts, and they have a good selection for both genders.  I’d grab one but unfortunately they don’t have sizes for us husky guys.
Shannon Chan Kent MLP Theme Song Demo (DH) – I guess you can call this a prototype of the opening theme song that didn’t make the cut.  It was sung by the singing VA for Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie.
Spanish MLP Opening (EqD) – As ponies go global (on television that is), we are getting taste of the opening theme in different languages.  We’ve heard a few, and now time for some spanish.
Possible MLP Theme Re-Recording (EqD) – Apparently Daniel Ingram facebooked about doing a survey, as he is reconsidering re-recording the MLP opening theme song vocals for Season 2.  Basically if you think its a good idea, click like.  If not, stay silent.
Daniel Ingram / Ashleigh Ball Brony Meetup (EqD) – Now maybe I read this wrong, but apparently Seth and a bunch of other bronies got to meet up with Ingram and Ashleigh on a day trip to Vancouver, and posted this article with details and a video of Ashleigh thanking all of us.  Interesting enough, makes me wish I didn’t live in the boondocks of New York state.
Facebook Bronies Marked as Spam & Deleted (EqD) – I gotta say Mr. Troll, you never give up do you.  Apparently the Bronies page on facebook was deleted due to ‘spam’, they are currently rebuilding their community.
Garrys Mod Ponies (EqD) – Not really news but I think interesting enough, there are now ponies available for Garrys Mod, which means I must buy it now (I’ve contemplated getting Gmod for awhile now, ponies just sweeten the deal).  I’ve yet to see any videos, but there’s been a crapload of screenshots flying around on Ponibooru.
Brony Meetups (EqD) – Again not news, but if you’re looking to hang out with some fellow bronies, there is now a site which shows where meetups are going on, world wild.  I do believe our own Strawberry Spice of EqD will be joining the NYC crew this coming weekend, organized by community member Purple Tinker.  I would be there, if I had money and didn’t live 6+ hours north of NYC, damn you large state.
Half Price at Hasbro Toy Shop (EqD) – Hasbro has a 50% discount up to 30 dollars at their Toy Shop using something called a Groupon.  I know nothing about what a Groupon is, so…  Seems you can get this coupon and per say, use it to get a DVD or Blu_Ray of season 1 when it comes out?
Random Merc Stuff (EqD) – This was a good article from our friends at EqD for those looking for official merch.  You can get yourself a fake pony cell phone (why? ponies don’t have phones), several coloring books, a Pinkie Pie bubble blower, and a set of tote bags.
Interview: Jayson Thiessen (EqD) – Phoe of EqD got the chance to do a quick interview with Jayson Thiessen, director of FiM.  I didn’t repeat it over here because it was actual reporter work done, but its definitely a good read.

And that is your weekly wrap up.  Feel free to tell me if these suck, or are good, or well, anything.  Either way, I leave you with another Derpy picture.  You can also catch me tomorrow night at the Brony Show (in the audience) as I will be attending.

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    Keep doing these, I like them.

  • VioletYoshi

    We need to get the ponies liscenced to a t-shirt company that appreciates people come in all sizes. Unless they're into that BS that they're only selling them to juniors. Fat Bronies should be able to get merchandise too.

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    i was in the woods most of the week, so this is pretty neat.