Weekly Wrap Up [7/3/2011]

We’ll start off this week’s wrap up with the awesome PMV above, “MLP FIM FanFic” or as Plaster titled it here, Gotcha.  If you haven’t caught this video yet, you may scratch your head at the first part, but it’ll all come together.  The story you could say (at least in my mind) is what happened between Celestia and Luna “1000” years ago in a different version of Equestria where technology had advanced big time, but had also brought grief, pain and suffering to the world.  Celestia fixes this, and washes away the memories of this grief.

And now for the Wrap Up, like last week this is giving you the brief version of what happened in the pony community over the past week, typically notable posts from EqD and ourselves here.  So let’s finish up our holiday cheer.

Adult Swim Mentions Ponies (EqD) – Adult Swim mentioned bronies in one of their sunday night bumps, rating us on the creepy scale as #2, Furries getting #3 and the word “Moist” getting #1.  Some bronies seem to not be familiar with [as] and the fact they make fun of everything and everyone, including their own shows and staff at times, and you know there are bronies within their own.  It was then pointed out that their forum section “Other Anime” features a banner with ponies on it, and apparently that has been around since May.  Either way you take it, its still better than NPR or Fox has been painting us.  I didn’t bother posting a report, totally missed the bump though, as its always on at my place (though isn’t watched too often).

Ponies Down Under (DH) Aussie Magazine “The Mercury” released a positive article on us bronies, which is nice between all the negative stuff we’ve been slapped with from NPR and Fox (like they count for anything).

Friendship is Magic Billboard (EqD) – A billboard appeared in LA for ponies, I think this notes the first major advertisement (outside of television) that has been spotted.  Shows the cast of 6 and the word “Bridlemaids” which is a take on the movie poster of Bridgesmaids (see article for both pictures).

MLP Flash Game Update #4 (DH) – Fourth development video from the MLP:FiM Flash Game team, showing off some of the characters and villains that will be featured (and ensuring that even though its G1 villains, they will be awesome in G4 style).  They are looking for voice actors and flash artists still, hit them up.

Urban Dictionary Word of the Day: Bronies (EqD) – Maybe not exactly news, but I figure its a note that bronies are spreading all around, there was many things that came up this week, such as the adult swim thing, urban dictionary, the aussie magazine, etc.

Mane 6 Now Has A Website (DH) Those crazy ponies making the old school pony fighting game now have a website where you can get the latest information and news on the project.

Equestria Gaming Art Contest (DH) – Affiliate EqG is holding an art contest, and it must be related to gaming and or to EqG itself.  Winning prize is one of the “Under $10” games on Steam, and there’s a ton of them.

Test Your Might (DH) – A simple speed test where you answer questions about ponies and the episodes within a 10 minute time frame, seems to be popular with people.

Webcomic Romantically Apocalyptic endorses ponies (DH) – A none pony related web comic has joined the herd, Romantically Apocalyptic follows the story of Captain and Snippy in a post-nuclear disaster world (namely in NYC).  Odd and insane humor, it joins other web comics who have joined up.

And well folks, that is the wrap up.  Shows how much real news we have when you boil it down, and even then a fair amount of what I just repeated is more to remind people of things or points of interest.

Tomorrow night.. Indie Pony Merchandise Wrap Up.

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