Weekly Wrap Up #8

Well been a few weeks since we had a weekly wrap up, this is where we compile the news from the past week into a single mega post, for anyone who hasn’t been around for the week, and of course just to review the week.  Haven’t done it in the past couple of weeks, namely because I know most people have been watching the news like a hawk, but since we’re now on pony hiatus until October 15th, figured it was time for another one.  Lets get to it.

#1 DH Survery:  Episode Rating – The Return of Harmony

Our first “Fan Rating” of the new season, The Return of Harmony has won 4 out of 5 Muffins with 5 out of 5 trailing by less than 100 votes (990 total).  Same rating I was planning on giving it.

#2 BroNYcon Pre-Coverage
Information about what went on at BroNYcon, namely what Jayson Thiessen said about the upcoming season.

#3 A Message from Jayson Thiessen
Supervising Director of MLP Jayson Thiessen wanted to remind the fanbase that it was other people besides himself, namely Lauren Faust along side storyboard director Rob Renzetti that helped forge the world and show we have all come to love.  We’d also like to remind people that Faust did oversee a good portion of Season 2, which some feared might lack something due to her departure, though Jayson ensures everyone that the production crew keeps her ideas at heart while they work.

#4 Hasbro closes sale in Europe for Broadcasting Rights
Hasbro closed a deal in Europe (namely it seems France) for broadcasting rights to MLP:FiM and Transformer Prime.  For our foreign friends, keep an eye on TiJi Channel 7 for the shows to appear.

#5 Season 2 Screens + Storyboard Leaked (Not 100% Confirmed)
The biggest news of the week was this article, possible leaks of S2E3 or 4 screenshots, plus a storyboard clip.  This has actually become our #1 article of all time here at DH, funny enough replacing a joke played by Ponychan about a season 2 leak back from May (followed by the MLP Convention Questions and oddly enough My Little Problem, Gavalanche’s Sweete Belle comics).

#6 JT goes dA & MAD meme skit with almost ponies
This is still floating on the front page probably, Jayson Thiessen has opened up a dA account, while MAD (I keep calling it MAD TV, but MAD the animated show on CN) ran a sketch about memes, and a pre-production drawing had featured Derpy Hooves.  Rainbow Dash had also appeared in the pre-production, but was replaced by a flying pig from Angry Birds, while Derpy vanished altogether.  Apparently Spazz had mention this sketch in Cowboys vs. Equestrians.

#7 Season 2 Billboard <&> S2E3 Info Revealed (Officially)
Two articles combined, we got to see the new Halloween based billboard for Season 2 of ponies, and also got the official synopsis of S2E3 entitled Lesson Zero.  Again this stuff is just a few articles below.

#8 MAD: Cowboys <vs> Equestrians
Animated show MAD showed a sketch based on our ponies.  Same show contained the meme sketch.  Side note, new season of Robot Chicken starts 10/23/2011 and many are expecting at some point during the season for Seth Green to lampoon bronies and our fanbase, be it good or bad.

#9 MLPOnline Playable Demo
The MLPOnline Team released a single player demo of their soon to be online game, MLPOnline.  They are still looking for questions and feedback, which can be dropped in our comment section.

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    None at the moment, depending on size and what they are, polls appear at the top or bottom of the news feed.

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    I think it deserved something more like a 4.254 muffin rating. : )

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    I think the TV Guide got the description wrong; wasn't it supposed to be that Twi get panic because she can't come up with a lesson to report to Celestia?