Weird Al and Pinkie
by *shuffle001

About a year ago there was talk about Weird Al, who mentioned ponies on his Twitter account mainly thanks due to the video by FluttershyElsa dubbed Pony Polka. Some people had hoped maybe he would appear on FiM as a guest, but of course as Season 2 came and went those hopes were dashed. Fast foward to when we got to know Mr. William Anderson, the background composer for MLP:FiM but also a former band member of Weird Al. It seems recently Anderson was hanging with Weird Al and recorded it. Within the video Weird Al gives another shout out to MLP and apparently expresses interest in being a guest on the show.

From William Anderson’s DA Journal:

I went to see my old bandmate Weird Al last night at the Pacific Amphitheater. We have been exchangng e-mails lately talking about MLP:FiM. I used to play in Weird Al’s band, and have toured and recorded with him. We are good friends. All the guys in the band too. My homies. Especially Kimo and Bermuda.

Gee, wouldn’t Al be a good guest star for MLP:Fim? Wow, seems like such a natural fit, don’t you agree?

My daughter was supposed to record me chatting with him after the show but forgot to hit record…

Well, until we started talking about MLP. I just posted that on my You Tube page…

I miss playing live.

Man those guys are GOOD and TIGHT and play like monsters. And Al sang and performed his butt off. And the show is REALLY REALLY good.

Video after the page break (only about 30 seconds worth).

  • Mika-Chan

    I swear that man is immortal.

    Hope to see him on the show!~

  • When I was in Kindergarten, I listened to Weird Al. When I was in Middle School, I listened to Weird Al.
    In two weeks I start college.
    Guess who I still listen too?

    • jj