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It appears that the reign of Pinklestia is coming to a close, with the white version of Princess Celestia showing up for preorder at  There’s apparently no word on whether the voice bits have changed, but it’s probably doubtful.  She’s going for $19.99 plus shipping, with free shipping for purchases over $100 on the site.  Product description below for those in the mood for a chuckle.

PRINCESS CELESTIA is a magical and beautiful pony who rules the land of EQUESTRIA. All of the ponies in PONYVILLE look up to her.Your PRINCESS CELESTIA pony figure has shimmering wings that flutter and shine! This beautiful, electronic pony figure has all kinds of things to say to you, like I will light the way! and Lets fly to the castle! When you two are ready to soar, press the button to make her wings light up and move. Comb your princess friends pretty ringlets and put in her barrettes to help her majesty always look her best and rule with justice and beauty! Pony figure comes with crown, necklace, 4 barrettes and comb.
  • Spaget

    wow that picture….

  • i would say the white one is a bit better then the pink one

  • Kiriyoshi

    Her wings and mane are still wrong, but it’s certainly an improvement from Pinklestia. Although, this makes me feel sad for all of the people who payed top dollar to commission someone for a spray painted-white Celestia.

  • Hawaii Brony

    OMG it’s true, it’s really true. =D An honest to goodness WHITE Celestia toy. Though alil curious to what else she says besides the two phrases mentioned above.

  • Scott

    That picture seems fake, we all know that for every 1 little kid buying one of these theres probably 50+ bronies buying it. Im going to get two then repaint one to look like luna.

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