Who Are You Following On Twitter?

Look At Me
by *adcoon

Twitter is actually proving itself useful now since the MLP crew have started making accounts left and right all over Twitter. However, it can be hard sometimes to find the crew of the show on Twitter no thanks to fake accounts. To help with this, I’ve listed Twitter accounts for everyone who actually owns one on the show. If I am forgetting any one please post in the comments a link to their Twitter page. Thanks! :)




Animation Department

Music Department

Other Crew

  • Anonymous

    What about William Anderson ?

  • Anonymous

    Cindy Morrow, https://twitter.com/orangemeerkat
    Thanks for the post, i really wanted something like this.

    • OMC, you’re right! I forgot to list her; poor Cindy Morrow. Don’t tell her that. We were following her of course.

  • Predelnik

    You can follow William Anderson on deviantart he writes a lot of cool stuff there :)

  • Arsenal

    I’m kinda picky when it comes to who I follow. I’ll give them a chance because they work on the show but if they’re not interesting enough I won’t keep following them.

    I think Meghan McCarthy is the best tweeter. She talks about the show and jokes around.

    Tara also is a great tweeter I just wish she’d cut down on the “Me in a bikini!” and it’s one of her characters in a bikini, jokes.

    Britt McKillip seems to have abandoned that account which is a shame because I’d love to hear what she thinks of Bronies. But she’s busy with her band I guess.