:Commission: Venn Sett by rko509

:Commission: Venn Sett by rko509

For the, no doubt, considerable cut set of you who enjoy watching preview clips but want to wait till Saturday to watch the full episode, here the new Entertainment Weekly preview (alternatively after the break).

It doesn’t give away anything that wasn’t obvious to begin with and contains very tantalizing bits of characterization. A good choice for a teaser clip, methinks. Narf.

That’s right: In this week’s episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, adventure-seeking maverick Rainbow Dash gets an invitation to attend the exclusive Wonderbolt Academy, where she’ll learn how to fly like a champion. There are just two problems: Spitfire, her harsh Academy instructor, and Lightning Dust, a pegasus pony who’s just as ambitious as Rainbow.

Sound familiar? It should — eagle-eyed viewers will notice several references to Top Gun throughout the half-hour, though there’s no climactic battle against the Soviets at the end of the episode. Let this exclusive clip take your breath away:

Here a little present from the Hub.

And another one from GetGlue.


  • Stereopony454

    Looks like a fun episode, can’t wait to watch it, like Police Academy, but with Ponies! ALso boo to the naughty ponies that watched the leaked version. Hope the premiere on the HUB still gets good ratings!

    • Aponymous

      Ditto to that (to be honest – I never even noticed there was a leak but spoilerwise it seems the sticker and EW clips are something we should be getting used to,no?)

      @ (it isn’t showing who posted the article so I guess DerpSquad? or is the site derping on me again)
      since you said narf,and I seem to be the only one who focuses on the hub – unequine related but the hub will be airing a marathon on Dec 24th(Xmas/Hearth’s Warming Eve) of Animaniacs leading up to another showing of Wakko’s Wish…again not pony related but thought I’d mention it since you said narf

      something hub and pony related – again remember if ya wanna sleep in (due to leaks or sleep) can catch last week’s and this week’s episodes at 2-3am ET / 11pm-12am PT Saturday night/Sunday morning…only on the hub :P

      and one other thing – anypony know why Sleepless in Ponyville seems to have disappeared off hubworld.com? it was there Monday but seems to have disappeared…

      oh well

      • It was me. Must be the WordPress update. Thanks and I’ll notify Spazz. (But sadly I can’t watch the Hub here.)

        “Narf” is totally pony-related—apart from a small spelling difference concerning a word-final “y.” ;-)

        I was wondering about Sleepless in Ponyville’s disappearing too, but no idea why that would happen so prematurely.

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  • Aponymous

    scratch that (if my previous comment ever shows up)
    seems the hub got wise to my early notices of them putting the recent episode up and (re)added it last night or something
    also still not seeing the name of whoever posted the article (or a comment after I’ve posted it) so Cache issues with the new site layout or just me? Just a heads-up.

    • Hmm, you’re not seeing your own comment or my reply to it?

      The issue where it’s not showing the author names is probably due to a template being reset by the recent update, but the comments not showing up for you is likely a caching issue.