As announced about a month ago, Lauren Faust was a guest of honor at the Anaheim Wondercon in California. She was primarily there to promote her personal project, MilkyWay and the Galaxy Girls. But of course the pony community came out to meet and greet, get some signatures and even some sketches. Along with her personal project, she of course has Super Best Friends Forever coming up, a series of 75 second shorts that will be airing on Cartoon Network during the showings of Green Lantern and or Young Justice. She also had a speaking panel on Saturday.

The Galaxy Girls project of course is what brought her to Hasbro Studio. She was pitching the idea of the show when the executive on the other side of the desk said “Hey, do you like ponies?”, and of course the rest is history. A few pony fans visited her, including local community artist John Joseco. Including with the brief post on the EqD is included Faust drawing sketches of Celestia and Vinyl Scratch (video after the page break).

Sketching Vinyl Scratch

Sketching Princess Celestia

  • Remember everypony, Wondercon wasn’t your only chance to see Lauren Faust! She’s been confirmed as a guest of honor at Bronycon Summer 2012. So if you missed your first chance, don’t forget to pre-register ASAP!

  • Lionheart

    She’s a real trooper. Even when promoting her new idea, she goes out of her way for her fanbase.

    Truely an awesome person.

  • parker izing

    Am I the only who feels bad?

    She now had employed 7 Years of her career/life trying to get MW&GG going, and she only gets Pony related attention (besides SBFF) on her place I’d be tired/rude by now… Luckily she beats me on the “being a people person” dept.

    Way to go Ms. Faust!

  • david

    You know what’s popular right now? Crowdfunding. Tomorrow’s headline could be: “Galaxy Girls raises several meellion dollars from public backers, Birth of a new creator-driven era”.