XL Pinkie Pie Plush

British toy store Argos has a 20 inch/50 cm plush Pinkie Pie for sale on their site. She’s the same as the 11 inch and 5 inch ponies available in America, just a much larger size. She’s on sale for 24.99 British Pounds.

[Source: Argos]


Princess Skyla in packaging

The mysterious Princess Skyla is also now listed on Kmart.com for $19.99, though she’s noted as unavailable. She comes with a pink blanket and her tiara, and her image on the packaging is a recolor of Sweetie Belle. Her head is the same mold as So Soft Newborn Sweetie Belle, so this is not too surprising.

It’s important to note that Kmart.com has a history of sending an item differently than what’s pictured, so you might get a different So Soft Newborn if you order her. There is also no confirmation on whether Skyla is a show character or a recolor like most of the brushable playful ponies.

[Source: Kmart.com]

  • Articulous

    >holy shit my country has a massive plushy I might actually buy one when I get pa-

    >that hair


  • blazah99

    Oh no… this is probably going to be a character in S3, and from the looks of it I’d say Princess Cadence’s and Shining Armor’s daughter.

    Don’t we already have a newborn thing going on with the Cakes? She looks about the CMC’s age, how many years are they skipping ahead? So now were going to have 4 princesses, 2 of which are princesses of what again?
    *legitimately concerned*

  • Adam

    I also betting this is Shining Armor’s and Princess Cadence’s daughter.