Year of the Pony

by Shinmera

And so here we are, a year after the catalyst that sparked this random fandom. And like a Starbucks in New York, fan material started popping up every way you turned. Some with elite professionalism as well others that just left you feeling abused, coming from more notable artists to list than what would fit in this 700-pixel column (after all, that’s what this is for).

Below is a playlist of some of the most impressive, creative and notable (which doesn’t necessarily imply good) pony fan videos that’ve come from you people in the past year, ranging from the likes of PonyCraft 2 (still leading for most views of any pony video) to simply the supposed first PMV ever made (which you may just want to skip). It’s been arranged chronologically (mostly) to give you a feel for how PMVs evolved in the past year.

“Starbuck” would be a good pony name. So neigh we all.

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