General Derpy 4 - By: Equestria-Prevails

If you noticed the poor spraypaint job DerpySquad did on the top of the site and the muffin that was jammed into Derpy’s mouth… this is our attempt to bring to your attention the movement to stop this bill from going forward.
You may have heard that it was shelved, you heard wrong.

By now, you’re probably sick of hearing about this, but the damage it will do to this entire fanbase is all too real. Ignore it all you like, but something needs to be done.

EqD was joking how they were going to shut down for the day.

(DerpySquad: Seems EqD is going to stop for a day. I’ll note DH has no plans on stopping its posts, but we don’t post 15+ articles a day. Sad Derpy is epic enough).

Step up and fight for the internet.

  • XyroTR1

    Thank you. <3 The more we can get on this, the better.

  • XTUX345 from Equestria Gaming here, we have blacked out the site for today and will continue to do so until sometime tomorrow. May God bless you for participating in the protest (even if you didn’t completely black out the site), and may you be comforted with the fact that every small bit helps. Together, we can save the internet!

  • Zaehlas

    Sad derpy is so sad!