You Gotta Share, You Gotta Care

I have no doubts that you’ve heard about the massive devastation from the quarter mile wide tornado that ripped right down the middle of Joplin, MO. Due to this destruction, there are thousands of people sitting in shelters. These families who have lost everything have to face the harsh reality of this destruction, but boredom should not be one of the factors in this problem. A local Comic shop called Hurley’s Heroes is trying to put together a book donation drive where they are looking for all ages books and comics to hand out to the poor folks who are sitting and stagnating in crowded shelters with their children. I know a lot of you in the fanbase are good people and are fans of comics and the like. Please consider donating comics and books to help out any way you can.

You can check out all the details you need on the official news post on the HH website, the shipping address is included there as well.

-Thanks to RoyGBiv for the tip.

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