PetTV seems to be an official channel setup by Hasbro that features their “pet” products, namely Dizzy Dancers (dancing animals), FurReal Friends and Littlest Pet Shop. Seems MLP has also found a place within their network of dedicated channels (remember, ponies are pets in RL). Unlike your typical YT channel, this seems to have its own coding behind it. As seen in the screencap above, the channel features Pony Bios (going to guess the ones from the DVD), Episode Clips, Music Videos, Commercials and Exclusives. There isn’t any new content in here though, the Exclusives only has the “Official, Behind the Scenes Look at the making of MLP:FiM” which the media sites featured back during the summer. Music Videos are song clips from the show, and so on.

Sadly yesterday they uploaded Pinkie Pie’s Cupcakes, and well….the recommend videos that appears after the video aren’t exactly what you want your child viewing (Cupcakes Fanfic Reading Video). But then again, that’s what happens when you use YouTube.

You can find the channel here.

[Source: MLDashie]

  • I thought that there was a way to set ones accounts so people DON’T see recommended videos? Or has that changed since last I posted a video ( about 2 years ago )?

    I can see moms clicking the Cupcakes reading video, thinking it’s an official Hasbro thing at first, then flipping a lid and blaming Hasbro. Xx;


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    Off topic, but I’m not really digging the new color scheme for the post titles. I get why it’s yellow text on a gray background, but the colors don’t contrast enough.