Zecora available for pre-order

 Update: Zecora is sold out! But never fear, she’ll be back this fall along with the rest of the collectors series!



That’s right! You can now pre-order Zecora on the TRU website for $10, limited to one per person (bummer, because I wanted one to debox! Oh well)

Pre-order here!

  • Citrus Rain

    I thought this was going to be availible anyways?

    Is Zecora as a whole going to be limited? Or just a glow in the dark one to be limited?

    • Folly

      Nobody’s really sure yet; SDCC being this weekend it makes sense they’d put her up for pre-order, but the whole limited thing is a little weird and there haven’t been any solid ideas about how it’ll work in store. Limited to one per person in store too? Or maybe an online exclusive? I’m curious myself

    • Fett101

      I can’t imagine they’d limit in store to one per customer. If so, it’d be easy enough to come back the next day and get another one.

      All the Zecora’s are glow in the dark as far as they’ve said.

  • Present Perfect

    I’m sorry, guys, I got the last one! D:

    Seriously, I ordered it, gave the link to someone else, and it said they were out of stock. :(

    • Citrus Rain

      Darn, I should have ordered!