Enterplay/Ultra PRO Binder for Preorder

Yubel Pony by ~melynxe

Yubel Pony
by ~melynxe

It was mentioned a bit back that Enterplay was teaming up with Ultra PRO to make FiM licensed products, not naming what exactly they would be.

Inuranchan on the MLP Trading Post spotted on ToyWiz that Ultra PRO will be making the series 2 Enterplay binder.

The listing is for a preorder to be shipped in June at a price of $19.99. The binder is case bound, which is a fancy way of saying hard bound or hard cover.

This means something super high quality, as well as including 3 rings to fit card holding sheets.

The binder/collector’s album will come with a card checklist and “an exclusive 6-card foil puzzle set.” It will probably not be the wife toss Cadance puzzle we’ve already seen finished via Big Apple Ponycon prerelease.

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