MLP’s Facebook page released this picture of the 2013 Collector’s Line.

We can see a single Shadow Bolt, a deluxe electronic Nightmare Moon, and a Collector’s pack. The pack has a purple filly, Lyra Heartstrings, Shining Armor, Princess Queen Chrysalis, Princess Cadance, an adult earth pony and Derpy Hooves.

More information and better pictures will be posted as they come available.

  • >Princess Chrysalis
    Did she get demoted?

    • TailsFox88

      Wouldn’t surprise me. She did fail to conquer Equestria after all. :P

  • PCP2443


  • Anonymous

    Looks like Dash

  • Anonymous

    I need that Derpy

  • NoTorso

    Derpy is in a fan set. Will people finally stop saying she’s ‘dead’? Probably not, but I’ll keep my hopes up regardless.