MLP toys will be returning to fast food in America, with Rainbow Power pony toys. They’ll be at participating McDonalds from late March to late April, though they’ll probably run out much quicker than that.

8 characters have rainbow power designs on them and will come with stickers for further customization instead of a comb.

Interestingly, the Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy toys look almost exactly like the 2011 McDonald’s toys but with different paint jobs and hair in their tails.

One toy will be included in a happy meal if you ask for the “girl” option, or you can buy the figures separately for about $1 a piece. Normally a box of 2 characters will be shipped to stores each week, but next wave’s will come in if the previous toys run out.

[Source: EqD]

  • mlp mlp sells like blony

  • Anonymous


  • 100% Anonymous

    this is sooo awsome, i want them

  • Joshua Webb

    Will I be able to get them in the UK

  • Rafał

    I hope it will be in poland!!!!!! :D

  • Jim61773

    Good news: AJ isn’t missing her hat. Bad news: AJ herself is missing. Background pony status confirmed.

  • Anonymous

    Will these be released in the uk this year??

  • Jerzy

    will they be avaible in Poland. i really want them all

  • Will the happy meal will be on Philippines?

  • Anonymous

    DJ pon-3 has replaced AJ in the mane 6.

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  • Anonymous

    Your toy are the best

  • Victoria

    They are actually $2…

    • Jen

      Yep, $1.89 for them here.

    • Wesman2232

      $2.02 (with tax) here. I cant find Applejack anywhere though D: Did they not make her?

  • i have 2 pricess twilgit sparkle and pinkie pie

  • i love mlp

  • i have 2

  • wut happind to aj

  • Maya

    Had to pay $2.10 for the toy separately (Canada).. but I’m happy they obliged my request :)

  • i ned fluttrshy rarity ranbow dash pressies calesta pressaes luna dj pon 3

  • i miss aj

  • im on drpys nwes

  • call my dad now and tell him to go to mcdonles

  • lily

    Where’s AJ????

  • nomnomnomnomnom

  • i love drpy

  • GenMinion

    Over where I’m at, they’re about $1.80 separately. It’s best to call ahead and ask which numbers they have and head there around night so you have a chance at having a better selection (and to also help avoid embarrassment for those of you who still aren’t full comfortable buying your Merch).