2015 NYC Toy Fair – More Money, Films and Seasons For Tiny Equines


The 2015 NYC Toy Fair kicked off, an annual event where the big and small toy companies of the world gather to reveal their products and plans for 2015.  Hasbro kicked off the party this morning with a webcast & slide show detailing their future plans for the company.  Many MLP fans had hoped to hear at least some sort of soft premiere date for MLP Season 5 but Hasbro did not really reveal any new information outside of “Spring 2015”.  Fan gossip is aiming for sometime in April, maybe March.  We know promos for new seasons on Discovery Family have been appearing about a month before the shows begin.

For My Little Pony, it has been revealed that the company will be investing in the show (and movies) for at least the next three years, if not beyond.  The chart seen above was taken from the webcast slideshow and shows that MLP will not be going anywhere soon, as Hasbro will be investing in the show well into 2017 and beyond.  Given that a full season of MLP typically takes a year to produce from start to end, the chart indicates there will probably be at least three more seasons beyond Season 5 (8 seasons total).  Beyond television there is a yearly investment towards films.  We are already aware of the MLP movie and the very probable Equestria Girls 3, leaving a third film unknown at this time.




Beyond the investments Hasbro also displayed the above slide for Season 5, revealing a possible theme for Season 5 or at least the 100th episode of the show.  So its safe to say we’ll be dealing with the tiny colorful equines for the next several years.  The ride never ends.

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