210 Wallpaper MEGAPACK

I have taken the time to scour dA, ponychan, my own personal archives and ponibooru for a MASSIVE 210 wallpaper MEGAPACK. With all wallpapers being at least 1200×800. (There’s only one and it didn’t have any artifacts when stretched across my widescreen monitor.) I know I have a lot, but I also know that I don’t have all of them. I passed up on quite a few due to resizing quality drops, so if there are a handful that you see aren’t in there it either hadn’t been seen in my search, too noisy, reused poses/scenes/expressions that other wallpapers did better or the quality didn’t hold up to my standards.

For those of you asking yourself: “Well wtf am I going to do? I can’t even BEGIN to choose which one I want the most on my desktop!”

Do what I did! Google “automatic wallpaper changer” and set it to change every 2 minutes, or whatever you want. I was also informed that Windows 7/Vista has this feature built into the personalization menus!

Hit up this link for the mediafire download.

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