Here’s a preview of the new episode “Twilight Time” (episode 415) from the My Little Pony Facebook page (video embedded after the break).

Description from the MLP Facebook

Pony Confidential Exclusive: Has Twilight
Sparkle become Ponyville’s newest
celebrity? Find out what the Cutie Mark
Crusaders are up to in an all-new episode of
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic this
Saturday on the Hub Network.

  • Josiah Avila


  • Shouldn’t this happen earlier in some way or another?
    I mean: The Mane 6 have saved the world several times, Fluttershy was a fashion star, Twilight became a princess and got a huge ceremony. In “Three is a Crowd” Cadence was walking through Ponyville without being recognized?
    I’m probably overthinking it too much but this kinda bugs me a bit.

    • Ponichaeism

      You’re also underwatching the clip.

      Like that part where the Crusaders specifically mention this is all because of a scheme of theirs.